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Impossible Musicians

Jean-Luc photo

Jean-Luc Patard

guitar, washboard & vocals

Jean-Luc plays guitar and washboard, specializing in Cajun music and songs. A first class entertainer, Jean-Luc is known for his mellifluous voice and energetic presentation. He has produced American traditional music events and projects in the Carcassonne area, especially featuring Cajun music. In the Impossibles, he is the leader of the Cajun repertoire. Jean-Luc is well-known in the South of France and has played with many Cajun and old-time ensembles.

Frank photo

Frank Hall

fiddle, double bass & vocals

Frank has played old-time music the last 40 years, first in the U.S. as a member of various well-known bands (The Monks, Easy Street Stringband, The Raincrow Countryside Band) and more recently, for the past 5 years in Ireland, with The Higglers, Moonshine and Buffalo in the Castle. In addition to the music, Frank is a dance afficianado, having founded and performed for almost two decades with Rhythm In Shoes, as well as called square dances and taught clogging and buckdancing. He has also written a book on Irish step-dancing. Playing Irish music is a current passion, since he moved to the west of Ireland where he now lives.

Eileen photo

Eileen Fleming

harp, double bass & vocals

Eileen grew up in a musical family in Dublin where she learned piano, harp and tinwhistle at an early age. Since moving to the West of Ireland she has welcomed the opportunity to play with musicians from various musical traditions, and derived great enjoyment from harping along to Cuban, old-time, blues, swing, and rock music with a bit of traditional Irish thrown in. Eileen has recorded with a number of artists, and played both solo and in ensembles (Glas, Cafe Kinvara, et al.) in various settings throughout Ireland.

Pete photo

Peter Brazier

guitar, mandolin & vocals

Peter was born in Brighton (UK), and began his musical life as a piano player later taking up guitar and mandolin. He spent many years in New York City playing swing jazz and performing with the New York Mandolin Orchestra, including an appearance at Carnegie Hall. He has played in Dixieland bands and Balkan orchestras, eventually moving to France for several years where he played chanson and worked in a Balinese gamelan Sulundung orchestra. In 2005 Peter moved to Ireland where he teaches music, composes, and is currently learning Appalachian fiddle.